Our History

Our History

Louder Louder, Perth’s newest gem, is a contemporary and funky-style Issan-Thai restaurant. Here, we offer wide appeal of Issan-Thai inspired dishes and drinks, all with a great story behind. Louder Louder is born from the passion of our chef who has been at the forefront of Thai culinary world for the past 10 years and his wish was simple “To share his nostalgia dishes with everyone he loves”. The recipes have been handed down from generation to generation to indulge you with dishes that ‘taste just like Thailand’, be it famous Thai restaurants, home-cooked meals, or Thai street food. At Louder Louder, you can stimulate your taste buds by choosing your own level of heat to mix with exotic herbs and spices to get the right blend of elements that is perfectly made for you.

While still maintaining authentic Thai flavors, we add a little twist by combining the best of Thai dishes with Australia’s finest and most popular wines and beers. Our popular menu items are slow-cooked pork hock with rice, Tom Yum noodle, and beef ribs Mussamun curry, and our long lists of beverages extend to red wine, white wine, rose wine, local tap beers, Thai beers, cocktails, ciders, and soft drinks. Our recommended combinations are “Grilled chicken and green papaya salad” that goes really well with beer and “Super spicy mixed seafood salad” with white wine. Of course, you can also mix and match the food and drinks you like by yourself. Now, imagine the delicacy yet robust tastes of Thai dishes alongside a cold glass of beer- life can’t get any better, can they?

What makes us even more special is that, here at Louder Louder, you can adjust “Volume of Spices” on our “Speaker”. In other words, there are four levels of spiciness for you to choose from. If you don’t like heat, you can “Silence” your dishes and we will serve you non-spicy food. If you are ready to try the authentic spicy Thai flavors, you can turn up the volume to “Loud” for slightly spicy tastes or “Louder” for extra spicy tastes. If you are already the master of spicy food, then you can set the volume to maximum “Louder Louder”, our hottest spice level that is going to give you tingling yet deliciously refreshing sensation.

The new, funky, and tasty experience that you cannot find anywhere else is waiting for you. Let us feast your mouth on our food and take you on a faithful journey to superb Thai dishes. We are certain that within the first bite, you will forget that you are in Perth. So be prepared and engaged all your senses in the most enjoyable way at Louder Louder because there has never been a place quite like this!