Louder Louder’s Mussaman is a homemade recipe from the central part of Thailand. The aromas of mace, cumin and coriander seeds and dry roasted peanuts are the main characteristics represented in this dish. These ingredients serve to bring out the sweetness and intense flavour to the curry. Our delectable Mussaman uses 48 hour slow-cooked premium quality beef ribs from a WA local producer. The 2-day slow-cooking process gives our ribs an extraordinarily tender and juicy result, unlike others, whilst also maintaining the original flavour of the ribs themselves .

This signature dish is accompanied by juicy ripe pineapple wedges and fresh coriander to give our Mussaman a perfectly well-balanced round up.



Inspired by the myth of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the apple from the forbidden tree got handed to them by the serpent and that's the beginning of 'Original Sin'.s The Apple's Sin cocktail made out of the fresh pressed Granny Smith apple with Vodka as a spirit base then combine with soft spiced vanilla, Hazelnut liqueur and a hint of traditional French Absinthe and got lengthen with soda water. A fully freshness and well-balanced cocktail which is perfect to kick off your night.